Maximise your lending outcome with a finance broker

What is a finance broker?

A finance broker (also known as a mortgage broker) is a 'go-between' who usually arranges loans for free (as they are paid by the lender for simply doing the work their staff would do), however some brokers do charge you a fee. A finance broker deals with lenders and arranges a loan for you. Some brokers only work with one lender while others work with multiple lenders and products.

These days, with so many different loans and lenders in the market, many people prefer to use a finance broker to do the legwork for them. Finance brokers can help you find out about suitable loans and arrange special deals.

Remember, a bank will never call you and say ”Hey, our competitor bank has a better deal than us at the moment and you should call them and refinance with them because you’ll save even more money.”

Although that sounds absurd, it is a reality with Asset101's Finance Brokers as they are always reviewing up to 40 different banks at a time and stay in contact with you regularly to let you know when opportunities arise to keep you ahead – so long as it’s to your benefit.

Help is always available. Financial help is never more than a phone call or mouse click away. We can help you get your finances in order.

If you are serious about finding help with your finances, particularly if you are looking to borrow money, then finding a broker that is reputable, experienced and well connected is the key.

The Finance Brokers at Asset101 have many years experience, but even better than that, we have thousands of happy customers who can back us up! Yes we are promoting ourselves here however we are only doing this because it’s true! And we’d like you to know!

Why use a broker in the first place?

Simply put, you can save time and money. Finance brokers know a lot about the products that are available in the marketplace and will do all the research for you and find one that meets your financial needs. They can get money from a lender sometimes cheaper than if you go direct. This is because they cut a lot of the admin work for the lender in exchange for commission and a better interest for the client.

By using a finance broker you have available:

  • A wide range of loans from the top lending institutions

  • Experienced, accredited professionals

  • Professional advice

  • Custom solutions

Get the best deal you can!

Finding a good finance broker could save you money by finding the right lender, the right product at the right interest rate and at the same time saving you the headache and stress of speaking to the banks yourself (who in most cases are naturally very biased towards their own product).

* The information contained in this report is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs.


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