Over 50s

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Over 50's / Business – Age Range: Over 50's - Income Range: $55 to $100k+

Self employed Accountant with Wife running the office 
No children living at home

Before coming to us, their original goals were to renovate their home and pay off their home loan prior to retirement.


Prior to undertaking the FCP (Financial Coaching Program). our clients were increasing their debt by an average of $2,448 per month or $29,382 annually.


Due to their overspending on a personal level and unpaid business debts from creditors outstanding they had basically given up on achieving their goals.

First year on the FCP

With us, not only did our clients pay off their GE loan ($4,300), paid some partial expenses towards their daughter’s upcoming wedding ($1,400) but also reduced their home loan by an amazing $22,489.


Note: If they hadn’t paid off their GE loan or paid for some wedding expenses then they would have effectively paid $28,189 off their mortgage!


A fantastic result! Our clients gained more clarity between their business and personal finances, with boundaries set to ensure the separation of the two financial areas.


Due to our strategies put in place, our clients also increased their overall business revenue by $12,000 and began to pay themselves a set wage.


They were very pleased with the results and were amazed at the turnaround in their financial situation, and were looking forward to continuing with us, to see how much more they could achieve!


Second year on the FCP

Our clients, due to their new understanding of money management strategies with us, in the 2nd year reduced their overall debt by a further $23,003, which again is a fantastic result.


They not only accomplished this but also:

  • Went on a holiday to Darwin costing $1,850

  • Purchased a rain water tank and electrical repairs totalling $3,291

  • Purchased an air conditioning system costing $3,750, and

  • Paid for the balance of wedding expenses worth $3,600


Note: If they didn’t complete these further goals then they would have effectively paid $35,494 off their mortgage!


Our clients have also renewed for the third year with us. Their home debt is almost paid out, which was an original goal and one that they had no expectations of achieving in such a short amount of time. Their family home has been renovated, again an original goal, their business is operating and growing successfully as well, and they will now be able to retire 5-10 years earlier than originally planned due to the skills and support gained with us!

Loan repayment term with the FCP:

30 Years

Loan repayment term with the FCP:

14 years and 4 months (Original Projection - but will pay off much sooner)

Mature Man with Glasses
Single – 40’s - $50 to $100k
Airline Services Operator – Catering

This client came to us because he had a real desire to achieve his goals of building an investment property portfolio but just couldn’t stay on track.   


Prior to undertaking the FCP (Financial Coaching Program) our client was decreasing his debt by an average of $291 per month or $3,500 annually.


In his first year on the FCP our client not only achieved renovations of his investment property totaling $11,446 but also reduced his home loan by a fantastic $4,288! (A total that would have come off his debt of $15,734.) 


In his second year on the FCP our client decreased his loan by an amazing $19,179 and wants to continue building his investment property portfolio. 


Our client renewed with us for his third year as he believes it helps him keep on "the straight and narrow", and he is now making his money work for him.


Loan repayment term before FCP:

17 Years 9 Months


Loan repayment term with the FCP:

8 Years 5 Months