Our Journey began in early 2000 through another very successful business lead by Scott Bradley, our Managing Director which was a mortgage broking business with a unique difference. We specialised in providing a Financial Coaching Program, that literally taught and assisted thousands of people through an ongoing personalised money management program to eliminate personal, investment and business debt, in a fraction of the time than they normally would.


Due to our clients' success, many wanted to invest into property, so an investment property business was developed and created to assist everyday Australians achieve their dream of building a property portfolio, a powerful asset class that plays an important role in wealth creation.


The businesses focus was on research and education so as to truly assist people in making sound, wise investment decisions in order to create real and sustainable wealth. To further assist people on their wealth creation pathway, a Financial Planning Business was established in 2006 that was "pro-property". Due to a family sickness, the finance & financial coaching company was sold in January 2011.


Today, we believe now more than ever Australians are in need of genuine support to empower and manage finances at a level that will allow them to realise their home ownership dreams and be debt free much sooner! The average Australian pays very little off the principal of their mortgage each year and do not achieve what they are really capable of. Asset101 was re-established in 2015 to continue the journey of educating and empowering our client's to enable them to achieve their financial goals much faster and with much less stress.